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Carrier Marine Services Inc. provides services of Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery, Boat Vessel Investigations, Boat Vessel and Equipment ECO Friendly Cleaning, Boat Vessel Towing & Transport, Commercial Diving support for Boat Vessel and Marine Equipment, Marine Environmental Oil and Gas Recovery from Boat Vessels, waterfront brands dealer, and Marine Vessel Consumer Protection.

Your expert boat vessel team is standing fast for your call.

Carrier Marine Services

Hurricane destruction of vessels These vessels had to be recovered after Cat-3 hurricane hit central Florida.

Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery

All Vessel Recoveries are individually unique from each other no matter how the situation seems. We will consult and execute a plan with you to recovery.

Boat Consulting

Sunken Vessel Investigation Cause Water back flowing from hose flooding engine compartment and root cause of sunken vessel.

Boat vessel Investigations

Recovery Diver Exhausted Recovery Diver that worked through the night to raise sunken house boat.

Commercial Diving Support for boat vessels and EQUIPMENT

Cavitcleaning by Diver Diver safely removing barnacles without contamination to marine environment and further damages.

Boat Vessel and equipement ECO Friendly Cleaning

We are providing ECO Friendly Cleaning for your entire vessel or industrial marine equipment above or bellow the surface. We also save you money in the process with our procedures and marina wild life.

Towing after a recovery This gentlemen need a tow after swift water swept his boat away from swift currents.

Boat vessel Towing and Transport

Big or Small Vessel just give us a call. We can Push or Pull items.

Environmental Haz-mat from Hurricane Ian 2023 FL. Environmental Haz-mat from Hurricane Ian, 2023 Cape Coral, Florida at local marina.

Marine Environmental Oil And Fuel Recovery from boats

Sub Marine This sub marine had a few flaws we found for a four million price tag

Marine Vessel
Consumer protection

We are the first line of defense for consumers in the marine industry.

WaterFront Brands Contact Carrier Marine Services for sales, installation, and repair at 502-227-7437

Boat Lifts, Docks, and now Camping.

Carrier Marine Services sells, installs, and repairs WaterFront Brands products. Let our expert team help your friends and family enjoy the water even more than you may have imagined with less hassle and beauty for a life time.

  We are honored to carry government tested credentials.
Along with the "Carrier Family" legacy since 1000 A.D.

Carrier Marine Services Inc. is owned and operated by a experianced and graduated Naval Veteran.

Your expert Boat yacht team is standing fast for your call.