Carrier Marine Services Inc. provides services of Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery, Boat Vessel Investigations, Boat Vessel and Equipment ECO Friendly Cleaning, Boat Vessel Towing & Transport, Commercial Diving support for Boat Vessel and Marine Equipment, Marine Environmental Oil and Gas Recovery from Boat Vessels, waterfront brands dealer, and Marine Vessel Consumer Protection.

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We have what it takes.

We work with local, state, and federal officials to ensure clean up is done properly so future generations can enjoy the same luxuries we all like to share. After prevention or clean up is completed by us, the environment is often in much more shape than pre-existing conditions before our impact measures are taken.
The owner G.S.E. Kevin Carrier's experience helped resolve and save the six billion dollar fishing industry of the Chesapeake Bay in the 1980's.
Enviromental Environmental Haz-mat from Hurricane Ian 2023 Cape Coral,Florida at local marina.
Enviromental Sunken 60' Sea Ray leaking fuel and other haz-mats.