Boat Vessell and Equipment ECO Friendly Cleaning

Carrier Marine Services Inc. provides services of Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery, Boat Vessel Investigations, Boat Vessel and Equipment ECO Friendly Cleaning, Boat Vessel Towing & Transport, Commercial Diving support for Boat Vessel and Marine Equipment, Marine Environmental Oil and Gas Recovery from Boat Vessels, waterfront brands dealer, and Marine Vessel Consumer Protection.

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Cavit Cleaning Diver on Hull Diver is Cavit Cleaning Hull of vessell

underwater boat
vessel hull
and submerged marine equipment ECO Friendly CLEANING

 Increase the life span and efficiency of a wide variety of machinery and vessels including:  structures; moorings; water intakes; piles/pylons; boat propellers; and hulls. You will save on replacements, coatings, fuel, shutdown time, and expensive hull out fees. It helps prevent evasive cross contamination of marine life from one port to another. Procedure is highly recommended by manufactures, engineers, mechanics, and environmentalist around the world. The old methods of grinding & scrapping contaminates the environment and is officially banned by the States around the world.
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Before And after

See the difference in savings!Save thousands in maintenance and repair cost!

Cavit Cleaning Inlet Screen

Diver is removing barnacles from inlet screen to increase flow and save money.

Cavit Cleaning Anchor Chains

Diver is removing barnacles from anchoring chains for cleaning and inspection.

Cavit Cleaning Propulsion Wheel

Diver is removing barnacles from propulsion wheel to increase efficiency and inspection.

Diver Cavit Cleaning Inlet Chamber

Diver is removing buildup of barnacles at a inlet .

Cavit Cleaning Drive Shaft

Diver is removing barnacles from drive shaft.

ECO FRIENDLY World Environmental Friendly Recommended