Carrier Marine Services Inc. provides services of Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery, Boat Vessel Investigations, Boat Vessel and Equipment Geo Cleaning, Boat Vessel Towing & Transport, Commercial Diving support for Boat Vessel and Marine Equipment, Marine Environmental Oil and Gas Recovery from Boat Vessels, waterfront brands dealer, and Marine Vessel Consumer Protection.

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Sunken Vessel Recovery

Sunken Vessel on Ohio River

All Vessel Recoveries are individually unique from each other no matter how the situation seems. Factors that must be considered include Safety, Environmental Conditions, Planning, Equipment, and Personnel for a successful mission. We work in coordination with all levels of agencies, your insurance, marinas, and other contractors. Our marine engineer and hull technician will evaluate the situation and advise a plan of action and equipment that will be used on scene and assume incident command.

Once the Green Light is given, our team will put the plan in action for recovery or salvage. As you can see on our website we provide the services and credentials needed for success.

Gallery of some Sunken vessels recovered

  • Divers are attaching lift in swift river water current.
    Sunken Bluewater Divers are attaching lift in swift river water current.
  • Irma's raft of destruction
  • After dewatering the vessel.
    Sunken house boat in marina. After dewatering the vessel.
  • Working through the long night recovery.
  • Diver debarks recent sunken vessel.
  • Oil boom used to contain haz-mat.
    Sunken House boat in marina. Oil boom used to contain haz-mat.
  • Vessel wedged under dock
    Pumping operations through the night. Vessel wedged under dock
  • Mission accomplished from the night.
  • Diver consults
  • Divers working to recover sunken vessel.
  • Previously sunken Bluewater boat
  • Air bags being used to raise the bow.
  • Diver covering damaged window below water.
  • Sunken Bluewater vessel at night on river.