Carrier Marine Services Inc. provides services of Sunken Boat Vessel Recovery, Boat Vessel Investigations, Boat Vessel and Equipment ECO Friendly Cleaning, Boat Vessel Towing & Transport, Commercial Diving support for Boat Vessel and Marine Equipment, Marine Environmental Oil and Gas Recovery from Boat Vessels, waterfront brands dealer, and Marine Vessel Consumer Protection.

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G.S.E. Kevin Scott Carrier

I'm a former member of the U.S. Navy & graduated in Gas Turbine Electrical & Mechanical School of 36 weeks, including college credits in engineering. Was in charge of 26 hover craft, (valued at $47 Million each) maintenance & Haz-mat operations. I additionally trained as a Hull technician, Con-flag, Recovery operator, & Ramp marshal. As a civilian, I have worked as a marine, commercial and residential electrician, including electrical panel building. Currently I belong to the following groups: Maritime Group, Marina and Boat Yard Group, Mega Yacht Association, Marine Products Network, The Nautical Institute, Maritime Professionals, Maritime and Yachting Professionals, Yachting Pages- All about the Superyacht Industry, Yachting in Paradise, Maritime Executive, Luxury Yachting/Interval Yachting Ownership, Marine Log, Maritime English for all seafarers, Nautical Science Terminology and Marine Engineering Terminology, Maritime Network, Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors, Offshore Support Vessel Networking Group.

I currently have a CDL .

G.S.E. Kevin Scott Carrier

Sailor/Marine American Council of Education Registry Transcript
·         Basic Military Training

          ACE Identifier: NV-2202-0014             Military Course ID: X-777-7770

·         Gas Turbine Electrical, Class A

          ACE Identifier: NV-1710-0102             Military Course ID: A-652-0298

·       Gas Turbine System Technician, Class A

        ACE Identifier: NV-1710-0145               Military Course ID: A-652-0319

·         Industrial Machinery Repairers                          SOC 6130

·         Powerhouse- Mechanic Supervisor                   DOT 631.131-010

·         Powerhouse Mechanic                                          DOT 631.261-014

·         Boiler Operators & Tenders                                  SOC 7668

·         Marine Engineers                                                   SOC 8244

·         Marine Oiler                                                             DOT 911.584-010

·         Boiler-Room Helper                                               DOT 950.685-014

·         Firer, Marine                                                            DOT 951.685-018

·         Vehicle Recovery LHD 1                                       PQS NAVEDTRA 43172-Q3

·         Conflagration Station Operator LHD 1             PQS NAVEDTRA 43172-Q6

·         Ramp Marshall, LHD 1                                         PQS NAVEDTRA 43172-Q7

·         Borescope Inspector

·         Hull Technician

·         3-M Maintenance Supervisor

Fire Training System Certification Summary

·         Administration & Organization Training                                      25 Hours

·         Safety Training                                                                           100 Hours

·         Fire Alarm & Communications Training                                        9 Hours

·         Salvage Training                                                                             7 Hours

·         Overhaul Training                                                                           5 Hours    

·         Sprinkler Training                                                                         16 Hours

·         Responder to HAZ MAT Training                                               51 Hours

·         Fire Prevention Public Fire Education Training                            22 Hours

·         Emergency & Disaster Planning Training                                    34 Hours

·         Fire Investigation Training (Arson 2 level)                                  35 Hours

·         Fire Officers Training                                                                     9 Hours

·         Additional courses and Hours                                                       446 Hours    

                                                                                                      Total: 759 Hours